Importance of wedding videography for your special day

Should I get The Videographer for my Wedding?

One of the most asked question of the of wedding couple, and a short answer for this questions is - Yes. But bare with me for the moment, lets get in to this topic slightly more.

Just think about it, you getting married only once, flowers will be gone in a week, cake will be eaten in one night, champagne will be drunk at reception, wedding dress will be worn once and left in the storage room, and only your videos and photos are physical memories which will be left from your wedding day. It`s important to have both on the day Photographer & Videographer for multiple reasons. You can hang your favorite photo on the wall and enjoy it, but its only a snapshot of the moment, by watching your film, you can enjoy the moment it self again. It`s the motion what makes the Wedding Videography so special, it’s completely different experience, you can see your loved ones talking to each other, friends are laughing at a joke, family members are crying during the vows, etc.

No other Art is able to freeze a time as cinema does.
— Andrei Tarkovsky

Nothing can capture emotions of the day like video does. Imagine your speeches without a video, you can see the photo of someone saying the speech, but in 10 years time this speech will completely fade away, and you wont be able to remember what he was talking about. By having the video of it you are able to hear it, relive it again, and share it with your loved ones. Photo simply cannot capture this experience.

Have a look short teaser of Karla & Stephen, listen those 30 seconds of grooms speech, there is no way you could describe it without the video…

Will I regret not having the Videographer?

Biggest regret is not having wedding videographer

This is the number one questions getting asked on the forums, Facebook groups and googles searches, and by statistic, 89% of couples who did not had the wedding videographer for their wedding day - regretted. You can see post of Paul from “Table Plan Designs” made his post public on HIGM facebook page about his regret.

Personally, I am very surprised that in 2019 a lot of couples still exclude Videographer while planning their wedding. We live in digital age when platforms like Instagram and Facebook taking over the world by storm and they are moving so much in towards the video.

However, I can see why in Ireland wedding Videography service are left out a lot often than any other wedding services. It was for a long time when huge cameras been a thing, but it’s all gone now, even that there is still a lot of Videographers using them, and they are doing a great job, it’s all about smaller and more compact setups. I still hear a lot something like “I don`t want camera in my face, that`s why I am not getting one“ - this sentence makes no sense to me. Wedding Videographers using smaller cameras then Photographers and due to technology we can use it handheld as well, Most of the time you won’t be able to tell who is who on the wedding day and I get asked a lot to take photo on the day. Also Videographers do the minimum directions trough the day, and family photo shoot, for example, it just does not look natural on the video, as its all staged and stationary. The only thing which will give us away, is a mounted microphone on the camera, but even that is not the case at all tiems.

On the Wedding day, I always ask Photographers this question - how many weddings you did without Videographer. Answer is obvious, and it’s varies between 50% to 30%. They do admit its getting more “popular“ now, and gap are getting smaller, and yet I had no wedding without Photographer, but it’s only a matter of time.

One lovely Photographer told me recently that she had a Videographer for her wedding ten years ago, and after her family member passed away, her video was the only way to show her children how this person was, how he moved, how he sounded, how he laughed…

I am glad that job I do does makes sense and bring happiness to people, specially when time passed.

Get Wedding Videographer

Make sure to get some kind of Wedding videographer for your special day. I heard of no one who budgeted for one - had regretted it. It’s a very smart investment and unique way to capture the memory and show to your children in many years ahead the beauty of your Wedding day.

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