Let me answer on some of your questions


How long are you there for?
On a full day coverage we will arrive at Brides preparation place 2 hours before we have to leave to Ceremony location, and will leave after first dance and few more dances. Usually, we film around 12 hours for a full day option.

Where are you based?
We are based in Galway, but we cover nationwide.

Is there any travel charges?
Travel charges outside 2 hour travel time radius from Galway may apply. If so, It will be calculated after you provide preparation, ceremony and reception locations. Calculation will be based on a travel from our studio in Galway on moment of booking.

How much do you charge?
Depending on the edit and coverage you require. We have variety of packages and lots of extras. Our prices start at €1350 for full day option. Please contact us for more details.

Can I use my own music for the edit?
Unfortunately, not. Music is part of creative process, we will use licenced and appropriate music for your film.

Should we meet before booking?
I`d love to meet with you and chat about your special day, however, it is entirely up to you. It`s not always possible to meet,  the drive can be just too far. In this case, Skype is our friend.

Can I get the copy of all raw footage from you?
Yes, you can get it for extra charge. Please contact us for quote.

Can I have a DVD`s?
We don`t do DVD`s. DVD`s is a very old format and it is not able to hold Full HD videos. We only provide USBs and/or digital delivery. 4k delivery possible for extra charge.

Do you have a Drone?
Yes, and we will love to implement Drone footage into your Wedding Film. Use of Drone is depended on location and weather condition. All our drone footage is complimentary.

How long does it take to deliver the Wedding film?
It depends on your package and season. We aim to deliver final product in between 5-16 weeks. Busy seasons might take a little bit longer.

What cameras do you use?
We use mirrorless cameras – DSLR which do not contain a mirror or an optical viewfinder, which makes them generally smaller than DSLRs and better image quality. But we believe that camera doesn`t matter, its all about the person behind the camera ;)

Do you require a meal?
It`s always appreciated if you will provide meal for us. Bar food is more then enough.

Do you have back up equipment?
Yes. We always have a spare camera and we always use multiple audio sources, just in case. 

How are you working with Photographer on the day?
Just great! Never had an issue. I understand that photos are important for you same as video, so iv`e learned over the years to share the space. 

What is “Highlight film”?
The short film between 3 - 7 minutes – length of this movie perfect as it is long enough to include the entire story of the day but short enough to captivate anyone. You can see an example of highlight film here.

What is “Creative Documentary Film aka Family Film”?
Longer cut of your wedding in chronological order and includes most of the moments captured throughout your special day. Meant to be more of a full account and archive of your wedding, this film can be anywhere from 40-90minutes depending on your day’s events. It`s unlikely that you will be able to upload this film online due to the size of final edit. This is more personal video and will be suitable to share mainly with your Family and closest friends. Unfortunately, there are no examples of “Family film” online.

What is Teaser/Insta film?
Short clip under 60 seconds to fit Instagram timeline. See our longer edits at our Instagram @erfilms.

How can we book you?
If your date is free and you wish to proceed, I will need you to fill in the booking form before we will do everything else. After that I will require €200 deposit to secure date after you.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.