Man standing in forest in square shirt.


Yeah, that`s me on the photo, trying to pose for the creative shot. My name is Jevgenij, however, for everyone I'm just, Eugene. I loved films since I've been a little boy. 24 images, one second of the motion picture, I believe there is something in the motion picture which can`t be described by anything else. This is why I chose a path of the filmmaker. I am Videographer based in Galway, with years of experience focusing on cinematography. With Multimedia and TV&Film Production education background, I am looking different way on Wedding Filmmaking. Combined with my skills in Editing, Color grading, and Cinematography, my mission is delivery of beautifully crafted Wedding story for You.

I am so privileged to film one of the most important days of peoples lives and create a memory for them. Every Wedding is different and I love to use my skills to create creative Wedding films. It`s always a pleasure to meet new people, hear their ideas and share my passion with them.

I am discreet trough the day, professional, friendly and relaxed. I realize that for some people most important day of their life can be also one of the most stressful days. I never did any pressure on the couple and still delivered beautifully crafted Wedding film.

Your Wedding day – is unique, no matter how it went by, its a story, and I would love if you let me tell your story via film.